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Enjoy a private search engine that polls all major search engines and more and returns the results to you anonymously.

Matrix server

This server also has a private Matrix chat server. If you're here from YouTube, don't ask, it's invite only for IRL people. If you create an account here at a time when I have registration open without my permission, I will delete it.

About Matrix

Matrix is a system that gives you the value of:

  1. Basic texting and image sharing.
  2. Group chats.
  3. One-way announcement channels similar to Telegram.
  4. Perfect privacy: your personal messages are encrypted from you to your contacts.
  5. In the future, I might add video-chatting via Jitsi, depending on server load.

Installing Element for Matrix

Element is the main program/app used to access a Matrix server. It comes on all platforms.

Since Matrix is an open standard, there are actually dozens of other apps that work with it, Element is just the most common and runs on all platforms. If you are intested, you can see other options for apps/programs: at this link.

Logging In

When you log in on Element or another app, be sure to change your "home server" to https://cedars.xyz.

Create a username. It is a good idea to just use a simple one, probably just your first name.

Potential questions

"Can Luke read my private messages to others?"

No. this server will automatically encrypt all private chats and private groups with an end-to-end encryption that even the person running the server cannot read without first obtaining your personal key that is kept on your own phone or computer.

Public groups, however, are public.

"Why does it make me verify if I log on from multiple machines?"

Since the server does have end-to-end encryption, it double-checks if your log-on is legitimate when you first log in from a new machine and shares the decryption key with the new device. You won't have to do it every time you log on.

"Can I talk to people on other Matrix servers?"

Yes. Your global address will be @yourusername:cedars.xyz, so it looks sort of like an email address. If you find another Matrix server with people you want to talk to, you can.